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Leanlog Solutions Group becomes MG-Tech Handling

About us


Leanlog Solutions Group is turning a new page in its history by joining the MG-Tech Group and becoming MG-Tech Handling. The takeover will offer our customers and future customers innovative solutions that are part of an approach of evolution and innovation. For more information, go to News.


MG-Tech Handling is an actor of the French Fab Movement thanks to 100% French know-how!


MG-Tech Handling offers robotic handling solutions to assist in the handling of rolling loads. The product range will increase the productivity of companies of all sizes, reducing costs and labor hardship. 100% electric solutions allowing to easily pull and push a rolling load and autonomous solutions to lift and pull. 



Improving productivity is an essential investment in automation. Companies have everything to gain by integrating handling aids, they reduce the risk of accidents and improve working conditions. The pusher tractors of the OPTIMOVER range are an aid to enable the operator to move a rolling load. There is no need for a CACES permit, training for operators is provided if necessary. The range can tow and/or push a load from 50 kg to 15,000 kg. 



In a context of industrial 4.0 development, robots are transforming the jobs of tomorrow. Faced with this change, MG-Tech Handling has created its strength by offering products that meet industrial needs. The automation of load movement makes it possible to support operators in the skills upgrading of their missions and to train them in the trades of tomorrow. 


The Twinbot is an AIV (Autonomous Intelligent Vehicle) collaborative robot, it allows the movement of loads in total autonomy. It easily lifts loads up to 800 kg and pulls up to 3,000 kg. MG-Tech Handling's range of robots also includes the Flexibot AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle), which has been developed to allow companies a high degree of flexibility. Thanks to the installation of a stainless steel belt alone, the AGV offers operators the possibility to modify its use according to needs with a traction capacity of up to 500 kg. 



Beyond the equipment, MG-Tech Handling proposes to connect its equipment to a platform that federates a real community integrating users, the manufacturer, the service and the equipment itself to optimize its use. It is not a simple technological layer that allows purely technical information to be transmitted to experts, but rather the analysis of usage with a real interaction between the machine and the ecosystem around it. The Need & Use tool is essential to enable pay-per-use and above all to optimize it by detecting, for example, the need for training, advice on how to use it... The ideal track for the increased operator! 


Discover the concept of equipment connectivity: Need & Use



MG-Tech Handling is the result of a whole range of know-how to put people first in industrial processes. The challenge is to have products that are deployed quickly and easily in companies. The machines adapt to their environment and offer a productivity gain. Man remains at the heart of the action, because the machines communicate with him. 




The MG-Tech Group : 


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