Move your loads without a licence with our electric tugs

Automate your flows with our intelligent and autonomous handling robots

Leanlog Solutions Group becomes MG-Tech Handling

Solutions for moving heavy loads




MG-Tech Handling aims to become a European leader in the market for robotic systems to assist in the handling of rolling loads by providing safe and productive solutions. 


Disruptive technology to move heavy loads

Our robotic solutions (AGV robot - Automated Guided Vehicle; AIV - Autonomous Intelligent Vehicle), or mobility assistance (electric pusher tractor) share the same technologies to easily evolve from one to the other. 


An innovative business model 

With its Need & Use model launched 3 years ago. MG-Tech Handling offers a pay-per-use solution that adapts to the fluctuations of its customers' activities. The Need & Use tool is essential to enable pay-per-use and above all to optimize it by detecting, for example, the need for training, advice on how to use it... The ideal track for the increased operator!


The issues addressed 

Our solutions address the following key issues:

  • the treatment of MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders) related to pushing carts and which can lead to serious lumbar problems.
  • the risk of serious accidents related to the use of forklifts in production workshops. 
  • the risk of accidents related to the use of overhead cranes for heavy loads.
  • the concentration of operators' added value on technical and complex operations and not on handling operations that are detrimental to productivity.